The Programme

In the morning (9.00 am -12.30 pm) there will be 4 Danish language and culture lessons at BAAA, where you have plenty of opportunity to practice the Danish language.

In the afternoon (13.30 pm - app.17.30 pm) you will learn Danish on a number of excursions in the area, where you will “Walk & Talk” with Danes. Experiences will include a guided tour in historical Aros/Aarhus, at The old Town of Aarhus – Den Gamle By, where you will learn how Danes lived from 1550 and up to the 20th century, a visit at Aros Art Museum where you can walk in the rainbow corridor and view Aarhus from above. You will learn much more about the Vikings when we visit Moesgaard Museum and experience a live Viking battle. You will also be taken on a business visit to Arla or Dansk Supermarked to discover what it is like to live and work in Denmark.    

Focus Week 1
Danish History


You will learn: How do I introduce myself? Who are the Danes? • What does the Danish word ‘hygge’ mean? • What to see and do in Aarhus?

Useful links on the Internet • Appropriate networks and addresses in the city • Local area infrastructure • Useful information such as emergency calls


Language focus: New vocabulary, simple sentence structure with normal word order, question-answer, 'hv'-words, personal pronouns, simple chunks, rules of bending Danish nouns. 

Focus Week 2
History of the Danish Vikings


You will learn about: Feasts around the year • The local area with focus on Vikings – what is left of the Vikings today? • Danish culture and history

Language focus: New vocabulary, more advanced sentence structure, modal verbs, present and past tense and pronunciation of vocals and how Danes reduce the words

Focus Week 3
Life in Denmark 2018


You learn: What are my options when it comes to education and jobs? • What is everyday life in Denmark like? • Danish art and artists and Danish humor.


Language focus: New vocabulary, sentence structure, prepositions, the three most used tenses, pronunciation, rules of using adjectives

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