How much does 

the course cost?

The language course and the excursions are free. You just have to pay for the travel, food and accommodation. It is possible to prepare your own meals at City Sleep In Hostel or you can buy food in a nearby supermarket. You are receiving a grant by arrival to cover a part of your accommodation and meal costs.


Who can join?

The summer language course in Danish is open to graduate, post-graduate and PhD students who are enrolled in a higher education institution. See if you are eligible to apply. See if you are eligible to apply.


At what level of language

is the course?

We teach on levels A1 and A2. 

How do I apply?

You must send:

  1. A completed ‘Application form‘ 

  2. A letter of recommendation from a professor who teaches you in Danish at the educational institution in your home country

  3. If you go on Erasmus+ stays in Denmark immediately after the summer language course, you must submit documentation for that. This could be a letter either from your own institution in your home country or from the Danish host institution, stating the exact duration and type of your stay.

When should I apply?

The application deadline for the 2018 Summer Language Courses is 1st March 2018.


Where to stay in Aarhus?

We will do what we can to help you find a cheap place to stay. If you prefer to stay in a hostel, we have some links for you:

City Sleep In, Aarhus and Gellerup  - ”where to sleep”


We will also try to offer accommodation with a limited number of host families at an affordable price. State in your application if you are interested in one of these.  

What is the timeline for processing of applications?

1st  March, 2018:  Deadline for applications for the Danish summer language courses.


End of May 2018:  Email notification to applicants regarding their application status. Applicants will be informed whether or not their application has been approved by their requested Danish host institution. Successful applicants will receive a letter of confirmation of their Danish Government Scholarship as an email attachment.

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